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Stop 4: Mafia (Answer)

Each set of aliases matches a single other word, which starts a two-word phrase with each alias. For example, the first suspect’s name is “JACK” since “JACK FROST”, “JACKHAMMER” and “JACKKNIFE” are all words or phrases. Then, each suspect’s first name forms a word or two-word phrase when appended to the word “RED” or “BLACK”. Since Mafia loyalties are defined by cards of these colours, this tells you whether the person is mafia or not.

Note: red/black as an indicator of townsfolk/mafia seems to be extremely typical, although it is not specified on the Wikipedia page for Mafia so I don’t presume it is universal. That’s why I linked to another page that mentioned the card colours.

The suspects’ identities are thus:

The mafia members’ letter strips, when sorted in alphabetical order by suspects’ last names (CARD, CROSS, HOT, NECK) gives the answer messages: “GOD, PICK, PLAYER, SOLO, or TAB. QUEST, SANDWICH, or WORSHIP.” Using the same mechanism, this clues the final answer: GUITAR HERO.