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Stop 4: Mafia

In this game of Mafia, you play as Detective Bean, the neutral party sent in to resolve the toughest cases. Says Sheriff Fox:

Thanks for coming, detective Bean. It’s always good to have a neutral party to resolve these mafia cases.

We’ve had it real bad in our town—lots of mafia folks running around with fake last names. Mostly done a good job of rounding them up, but we just can’t sort out these last suspects. We were hoping you could. All we have is a list of everyone’s known aliases.

Once you’ve sorted out who’s who, we’re looking for information on the mafia we don’t yet know about. A secret clue is spelled out on the little message strips carried by the innocent townsfolk. (Of course, the mafia took the step of carrying decoy messages.)

List of suspect aliases and message snippets:

Suspect 1 also goes by Frost, Hammer, or Knife. CLSUANTONEE
Suspect 2 also goes by Dog, Flash, Pepper or Rod. DKYORQTDHOI
Suspect 3 also goes by Check, Country or Walk. OCASOBSNCWH
Suspect 4 also goes by Bomb, Box, Man or Room. NPITEEAOHFI
Suspect 5 also goes by Camp, Mask, Row, Valley. IRURNNHBAEE
Suspect 6 also goes by Board, Shark, Table. GILROAEAIRS
Suspect 7 also goes by Back, Dogs, Jubilee. LOAHEINIXOH
Suspect 8 also goes by Bullet, Eye, Mushroom, Trick RBYEEUCWOIE
Suspect 9 also goes by Back, Break, Cast, Field. COPEPLSWPED
Suspect 10 also goes by Game, Room, Walk. MNRENLUEIEP
Suspect 11 also goes by Lace, Line, Tie. PPELTUSWORP
Suspect 12 also goes by Point, Park, Room. AIREYLSINSY