Unmixer debuts

November 12, 2019

Last week at ISMIR, we debuted the Unmixer: an interface for extracting and remixing loops.

Upload any song, and Unmixer will analyse it, isolate the 10 most frequent repeating loops, and present them to you to be remixed, or mashed up with loops from other songs.

I encourage you to use the “Quick Start” button to see how it works. Otherwise, you may have to wait several minutes for your song to get processed! The analysis is a tad slow.

Another quick-start option: try giving Unmixer any of the songs in this repository of Jamendo songs. The system takes advantage of caching to quickly process files it has seen before, and Unmixer knows all these songs.

I’m unabashedly proud of this project! It is the culmination of a long-held ambition to make a version of Madeon’s Adventure Machine out of any song.

Compounding my pride, this project has gotten a very warm reception so far: plenty of visitors to my poster, excited Twitter love from Actual Popular Twitter Users (see below), and, wildest of all, a bonafide interview request! To appear soon…