ISMIR in Suzhou

October 30, 2017

Last week I attended ISMIR 2017 in Suzhou, China, and once again it was an excellent conference, with a high-quality scientific program (every talk was interesting and well delivered) and top-notch hosting from the National University of Singapore: terrific food and venues, and the chartered shuttles to and from the airport saved lots of people a lot of time.

I presented two papers, described in an earlier blog post. Both (very colourful) posters are available to download (click to access PDF):

Smith and Goto 2017 poster thumbnail
Smith and Chew 2017 poster thumbnail
I had some excellent conversations with colleagues who visited my poster, for which I'm very grateful!

I also had the pleasure of introducing Prof. Elaine Chew as the first keynote speaker. The organizers had the inspired idea of letting each speaker be introduced by one of their former students. It was an honour to introduce her, and to be included among the many projects she described in her talk.

Finally, I chaired the 6th oral session, on the topic of Structure. We had four great talks: two about chords (predicting and modeling chord sequences), and two about melody (generating and perceiving them).

Iā€™m definitely looking forward to ISMIR 2018 in Paris!