Farewell, AIST

December 15, 2017

Today was my final day at AIST. I am moving to Paris to start a new post-doc at IRCAM! It’s been a wonderful three years here in Goto’s lab, and I am really grateful to everyone in the lab who helped make my time here so enjoyable.

I’m happy also with the projects I managed to completed! At a farewell presentation on Tuesday, I gave the lab a brief overview of them:

Afterwards, we hurried along to 千年の宴 (“Thousand Year Feast”), which happens to be the same izakaya where my welcome party was held back in November 2014. Goto-san and the team offered me some lovely going-away gifts, a really touching card, and for dessert, a very delicious (and apt, given that I’m moving to Paris) éclair:

Farewell Eclair

Right back at you—thank you, AIST!

I’m going to miss the group terribly, and hope to see many of them next year at ISMIR in Paris.