I conduct research in the field of music informatics, an interdisciplinary mix of music theory, signal processing and psychology.

I’m currently a post doctoral research scientist working in Professor Masataka Goto’s Media Interaction Group at AIST in Japan on a diverse set of projects, from music analysis to video classification to music games.

My research often focuses on musical structure: i.e., the abstract form of a piece, or how it is composed of repeated and varied sections. My PhD thesis considered the question of what leads listeners to disagree about structural analyses. It was a multi-disciplinary effort that used tools and techniques of music information retrieval, music theory and music perception and cognition.

I post pictures to Tumblr and post more work-related items to a blog on this site. In my spare time, I like to participate in puzzle hunts and sometimes help make them. You can check a few of my puzzles out here.