Hi! I'm Jordan and I'm a researcher in music information retrieval.

What I do

I like to build tools or interfaces for playing with music—like Unmixer, a website for extracting and remixing loops; or the CrossSong puzzle, a logic puzzle that requires careful listening to solve.

I also like trying to make it possible for computers to solve problems of music analysis or music theory—e.g., analysing the internal structure of a piece of music, or deciding whether one song is a cover, remix, or live rendition of another.

Where I work

I joined TikTok in January 2020 as a Research Scientist.

Previously, I was a post-doctoral researcher scientist for 3 years at AIST Japan, and Ive had shorter post-docs at IRCAM in Paris and Queen Mary University of London.

Research interests

Music structure! I’ve been obsessed with understanding the internal structure of pieces of music from the start of my academic career.

I’m also interested in:

  • Loop-based music and source separation
  • Perception of musical structure

For non-work interests, check out the Puzzles tab, the Tumblr blog, or the Wordpress blog.